Grief is the reaction to an important loss. People can grieve the death of a person or pet as well as losing somebody to divorce or moving away. In most cases, people are able to cope with their loss. They will feel sad and upset for a while and then feel better again over time, even if they never stop missing their loved one. However, sometimes people feel overwhelmed by their grief, they just can’t seem to improve at all, or they have nobody to talk with about their feelings. People can feel unresolved guilt because of their interactions with the deceased. Other people struggle if the death was unexpected or traumatic.


  • disbelief/denial
  • intense, prolonged sadness
  • guilt
  • physical symptoms
  • lethargy
  • depression

How Counseling Can Help

In my experience, it is most helpful for people to find somebody who is willing to listen to them. I can provide a safe place for you to process your experience and integrate the loss into your life. Life might not be the same as it was before the loss but you will be able to find some happiness again.

“When I came to see Antje Rath, I didn't know which end was up; I just knew I was in bad shape. Through thoughtful listening and direction, she helped me tap into wisdom and strength I didn't know I had, while giving me resources I wouldn't have found on my own. After two sessions, I was on a better path.”

- K, 62

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