Asperger’s Disorder and Autism are neurodevelopmental disorders on a spectrum from mild to severe that affect social interactions and other important areas of life. People on this spectrum generally have a hard time relating to and communicating adequately with other people.


  • difficulty reading social cues
  • preoccupation with one or a few subjects
  • hard time making eye contact
  • difficulty with non verbal communication
  • lack of empathy

How Counseling Can Help

While people with severe autism often need more intense treatment, clients on the milder end of the spectrum can benefit tremendously from ongoing individual counseling. They can learn skills that enable them to interact more appropriately. As with some other disorders, early intervention and treatment gives the individual the best chances for long term success. In addition to individual counseling, social skills groups have also been proven very successful for children and adults.

“Antje is awesome. My son has changed so much and is so much happier.” 

- Mother of K, 11

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