Best counselor ever seen

“I have had numerous counselors over the years and Antje is by far the most professional, effective, and plain old wonderful!”

- B, 68

Useful skills

“Antje - I always looked forward to my appointments with you.  Not only did you help me navigate a very challenging time in my life, but you also helped me develop some powerful skills that I continue to use to this day. You are a truly caring and compassionate professional.”

- A, 42

Child feels understood

“I like coming here. It's nice to finally find a doctor who understands me.”

- B, 9

Help with anxiety

“Antje was terrific in equipping me with tools to monitor my own thoughts and behavior.  It was instrumental in finding ways to handle my anxiety.”

- M, 41

In tune with children

“My husband and I were referred to Antje when our young son stopped eating---a symptom of an anxiety disorder.  Through thoughtful and delicate work that only a counselor in tune with children can do, Antje helped coax our child back into a healthy eater.  For this, we are eternally grateful.” 

- Mother of N, 6

Listening without judgment

“Antje from the beginning of the first counseling session made me feel comfortable, which I needed to be able to talk openly. She was able to help me process my emotions and direct them in a positive manner, something I was not used to doing. I also felt she helped me figure out solutions to my problems by guiding the conversations we had together. I highly recommend Antje to anyone who finds life's ups and downs too overwhelming for oneself and needs someone to listen with no judgment.”

- C, 41

Feeling better after a loss

“After my daughter's grandfather died, she was having a hard time.  Antje helped her with ways to calm herself and how to relax.”

- Father of A, 9

Facing changes

“Counseling was incredibly beneficial for me as I struggled with new changes and challenges in my life. I felt completely comfortable sharing my thoughts with my counselor, who helped me find new and better ways to cope with these challenges. I am happy to have come out of the experience feeling better mentally, emotionally, and physically.”

- M, 23

Help with Asperger's

“Antje is awesome. My son has changed so much and is so much happier.” 

- Mother of K, 11

Valuable life skills

“Antje’s gentle nature is sensed by children, making her easy to talk to. She helped our 5 year old son learn valuable tools for helping himself. What a life skill. She encouraged the rest of the family to participate/celebrate in his emotional awareness and learning. I enjoy seeing him return to using these tools to process new experiences in a healthy way.” 

- Mother of L, 5


“When I came to see Antje Rath, I didn't know which end was up; I just knew I was in bad shape. Through thoughtful listening and direction, she helped me tap into wisdom and strength I didn't know I had, while giving me resources I wouldn't have found on my own. After two sessions, I was on a better path.” 

- K, 62

I felt accepted

“I made an appointment with Antje Rath when my anxiety was out of control. She helped me to create tools to handle it on my own. I really looked forward to visiting with her, as she offered a space where I felt I could really face my fears. A couple of the things I liked the most, were the acceptance I felt and the suggestions Antje made – mechanisms that were easy to adopt and implement every day.”

- S, 34

Creative work with children

“My son really enjoyed Antje. She helped teach him breathing techniques to use when he starts to get angry. He has learned to refer to them when an adult suggests he take a moment to himself. Antje also used creative ways to explain things to children so they could understand it. She was always down on their level as she played and interacted with them during all therapy sessions. Thank you Antje for all the help you gave to my son and our family!”

- Mother of K, 5

Helping reluctant Senior

“My mother was so depressed and we didn’t know what to do. Her doctor recommended counseling but she didn’t want to go at first. She thought she was too old to change. She gave it a try and has improved tremendously. She is looking forward to her appointments with Antje and has been much more active and social over the last few weeks.”

- Daughter of E, 78

A way out of depression

“I went to see Antje at a time in my life when I found myself in a deepening depression. Antje was able to help me in a way, where she led me to find my own way out. She taught me to deal with this kind of situation at that moment, and I have been able to use what I learned since then.  She conveyed a confidence that was lacking within me and she was calm yet engaged in our dialogue. If I found myself in such a vulnerable place again, I would not hesitate to contact her again.”

- B, 61

Reluctant teenager

“My teenage daughter refused to go to counseling for years but changed her mind after she met Antje. She felt understood and accepted by her. Antje was able to help her through some difficult issues and helped us all to get along better.”

- Mother of M, 16

Teen with eating disorder

“My 17 year old daughter started seeing Antje to help her work through an eating disorder and negative body image issues. She found Antje to be “open, real, kind, as well as on your level; easy to talk to, and always full of wisdom.” I appreciated the high level of confidentiality that Antje maintained with my daughter; I believe that helped her want to open up and work through her core issues. ”

- Mother of M, 17

A guide through tough times

“Thank you again for being here for me. You have been a guide for me through the toughest time of my life and I am very grateful.  I have always left your office feeling very positive. I know that my future will not reflect the past and I will be happy and do well.”

- K, 33

Children worked out their struggles

“Antje is outstanding at working with families!  She provided the tools we needed to help each of our children and our family as a whole.  She is very open and easily connected with our kids.  They looked forward to meeting with her each time and came away with the skills they needed to help work out their struggles.” 

- Mother of S, 8 and J, 5

Better than prozac

“I am so happy since we met you are better than prozac.”

- H, 50

Help for the entire family

“Antje helped our teenage son to understand himself and others better. He worked with her through a very difficult time in his life. She is straightforward and honest and helped our entire family get a new perspective on our relationships and interactions. I feel confident about the level of privacy and have recommended her to many of my friends and colleagues.” 

- Mother of I, 17

She cares and listens

“Antje has a very warm welcoming approach. She has at heart only the best interests of everyone that walks through her door. My family and I are thankful that Moab has someone in which we can seek to express our thoughts and find comfort with someone who truly cares and listens to our feelings. Thank you Antje!”

- Mother of A, 12

Couple learning to communicate

“My husband and I were in a bad place. It was like we were speaking a different language and Antje helped us translate. After all those months of just yelling we finally talk to each other again.”

- R, 34

Regaining emotional wellness

“Last year I found myself unable to get past debilitating feelings of fear and sadness following a traumatic accident involving my child. Meeting with Ms. Rath immediately brought emotional relief without the help of any prescriptions or anxiety medications. After just a few visits I found myself waking up happy and feeling a better sense of balance throughout the day. After just a few weeks I had corrected the issue that brought me to her. Since that time I have continued to follow the suggestions that she made and have seen my emotional wellness continuously improve. I recommend Ms Rath to anyone suffering an emotional upset.”

- H, 50

Processing grief and changes

“When I was dealing with the loss of a close family member and several other difficult events in my life all at the same time, I reached a point where it felt as if I could barely get through the day. When I reached out for help, Antje Rath at Sunrise Counseling gave me a safe, accepting place to talk about my worries, fears and grief. She taught me tools and techniques that helped me work through the sadness, anger and pain, and heal my heart. Through my sessions with Antje I was able to rediscover self-confidence and happiness and find new skills to cope with future challenges. ”

- L, 54

Increasing confidence

“Dr. Rath has been very helpful in assisting us with finding solutions for difficulties our son was having. She worked well with him and helped boost his self-confidence. She is open and welcoming, while being professional.”

- Mother of B, 11

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