Adolescence is a difficult time in a person’s life. Young people struggle with their own identity, their changing bodies, pressure at school, fear of the future, and a variety of other issues. It can be difficult for parents to know if a certain behavior is normal for a teenager or a symptom of a more severe problem. This is also a time in which many families experience significant conflicts centered around the adolescent.

Common Issues

  • unexpected changes in school performance
  • social isolation or abrupt changes in friends
  • sudden weight loss or weight gain
  • intense mood swings
  • high risk behavior
  • physical aggression
  • family conflicts

How Counseling Can Help

Adolescents are often unwilling to admit that they have a problem, particularly to an adult whom they don’t know. However, when teenage clients realize that their counselor is a non judgemental, supportive person who takes them seriously, they usually are more willing to engage. Among other strategies, through discussions with the adolescent and the parent, misunderstandings can be clarified and communication can be improved. This helps the family to be less stressed and happier.

“My teenage daughter refused to go to counseling for years but changed her mind after she met Antje. She felt understood and accepted by her. Antje was able to help her through some difficult issues and helped us all to get along better.”

- Mother of M, 16

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