Elderly people often face many of the same difficulties as younger adults, in addition to challenges unique to aging. They commonly experience more losses, changes in their social life, and limitations in their physical and cognitive abilities. Depression is a serious problem in this age group that is often underdiagnosed and not treated adequately.

Common Issues

  • depression
  • loneliness
  • chronic illness
  • grief
  • fear of death and dying
  • interactions with children and grandchildren

How Counseling Can Help

In counseling, I can help seniors to learn additional coping skills and new ways to engage socially. They then frequently find they are less depressed, less lonely and have a higher quality of life. Often, friends and family members shy away from discussing issues such as end of life or chronic illness. In counseling, I provide a space to talk about these important subjects and come to terms with them.

“My mother was so depressed and we didn’t know what to do. Her doctor recommended counseling but she didn’t want to go at first. She thought she was too old to change. She gave it a try and has improved tremendously. She is looking forward to her appointments with Antje and has been much more active and social over the last few weeks.”

- Daughter of E, 78

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