Families go through different stages with unique challenges. The arrival of the first child, starting school, moving, death of grandparents, divorce, blending families, and sending children off to college are only some of the events that effect a family.

Common Issues

  • parenting
  • sibling relationships
  • blended families
  • children growing up and leaving
  • becoming grandparents

How Counseling Can Help

In counseling, family members can learn if reactions to life changes are typical or if they require intervention. Parents can discuss parenting strategies and ways to structure their life in the most helpful way. Family members can also learn how to communicate effectively and respectfully with each other.

“Antje is outstanding at working with families!  She provided the tools we needed to help each of our children and our family as a whole.  She is very open and easily connected with our kids.  They looked forward to meeting with her each time and came away with the skills they needed to help work out their struggles.” 

- Mother of S, 8 and J, 5

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